Sometimes, fortune lands in your lap. Sometimes you’re in the right place, at the right time, and everything comes together. This morning was one of those times. I heard my dog barking, incessantly, in the yard. My husband said there was a blimp above the house. So, I casually walked outside, but I didn’t see the blimp – instead, I saw something much better – a sun halo! It was gorgeous and huge and a wonderful surprise! Sun halo’s don’t happen every day, do they? Nope! But, when they do, they look very celestial and very cool. I ran in the house and grabbed the camera nearest me, my cell phone. I took a few shots and loved what I saw so much that I went back into the house and grabbed my DSLR. Fortunately, it wasn’t far away and it was charged with a memory card all ready to go!

Sun Halo (taken with iPhone)

Now that I had my Sony a7R iii, I became more thoughtful and walked around my yard for the best composition. I found it at the far edge of my lawn. I was able to capture the entire halo in my frame, even though my neighbor’s very large Redwood tree was blocking most of the sun. I took the position and squatted down for a more wide angle view. That’s when I heard it. A jet was high up in the sky passing through my halo, leaving it’s jetstream in its wake. I loved that! Now, I can see where some photographers may hate it, but for me, it was very special, very geometric. I loved how that stream intersected the halo, like Cupid’s arrow intersecting a heart! It made that halo even MORE interesting. I refocused my lens and got down to business. I took a few shots, horizontally, vertically, playing around with different angles. Then, I ran out of space on my memory card. That’s ok. I figured I got the shots I needed and I’d be done. As I got up and started to walk back towards my house, I heard something. But, it wasn’t the sound I heard before of a jet. No, it was different. It was a lower bass sound, but still, high up. I glanced around in the sky and didn’t see a thing. I turned and proceeded to walk again to my house. I heard it again and this time it was louder. I looked up one more time and then I saw it.

The blimp was back! I saw it slowly moving in the sky to the far left of my glorious halo and I was delirious with possibility! So, I prayed. I prayed hard. “Please God, please let that blimp fly into the halo!”, as I ran back into my position on the far side of my yard and squatted down ready to roll! I kept squatting and waited. My brain told me to take a test shot in case the good Lord were to bless me on this day with a blimp intersection. It’s a darn good thing I did because my camera alerted me to the fact that I had run out of space on my memory card! Oh no!! That’s right! I forgot I was out of memory!! I spotted the blimp heading my way and KNEW I would never make it back in time if I left now to get another memory card! Dang! Double Dang! So, I had to make a sacrifice – delete a few images off the card. Usually, that isn’t much of a problem as I always have shots that I’ll never use. But, for some bizarre reason, every shot on this card looked awesome! Oh, the agony!! Meanwhile, my blimp was closing in! What to do? What to do?

Within precious seconds, I made the decision to delete a few images off my card with the hope that what I was about to capture may be far better. Now I was ready for whatever might come my way! The blimp was steadily advancing towards the halo. I wasn’t even sure if the blimp would intersect it, but I kept praying! I zoomed out as far as my 24-70mm lens would allow and then I saw a tiny portion of the blimp headed towards the halo! Oh, joy! With every second it kept looking more and more favorable! My heartbeat was racing! Haha! (it’s the little things in life, ya know?). Then, it happened! It intersected the far left side of the halo, making an approach towards my neighbor’s very tall Redwood tree. I knew it would disappear for a few seconds behind the tree as it traveled in the sky, so I focused into the area where it would emerge between the right side of the Redwood tree and the right side of the halo. I had to be ready and quick to capture it at just the right time! Here it comes…..aaaaaaannnnddd….”snap! snap! snap!” But, wait!! What’s this??? A bird flying into my view?? WHAT??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? (I thought as I feverishly snapped away praying I captured that magnificent bird!) It all happened so quickly! Within milliseconds that fabulous blimp and that glorious bird met up in my view, along with the previous jet’s jetstream all coming together with the sun’s halo, by the good grace of God above!! Oh, thank you, Lord!! What an awesome opportunity! What luck!! Truly! What an absolutely awesome lucky shot!! My prayers were answered – and then some! God, I love photography!! 🙂

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“Fly By”
© 2019 Kerry Joy McGehee Photography

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