Aliens on Earth

I was watching a tv show about alien life from other galaxies last night. It was fascinating as it interviewed people who have seen UFO’s, as well as alien life (think Roswell).  It also talked about the advanced life forms and their great knowledge – far greater than man’s, which many believe have led to certain manmade inventions like lasers and stealth planes, among other advanced creations. Many will joke about this topic, but I think those are small minds. How can we deny any other life beyond our cosmic realm? I think it’s small-minded and selfish, frankly.  In fact, I believe advanced life forms have visited our planet, Earth, before – possibly many times. I do not believe in coincidences and there are no accidents.  I believe things happen for a reason.  Man learns by watching, observing. We learn not just by watching other people, but by also watching other life forms, including those on earth.  Insects, and particularly, spiders have taught us much.

I’m intrigued by spiders.  I used to fear them as a child, as most children do, as do adults.  There are plenty of arachnophobes out there. But, since I’ve been viewing them through my macro lens, my fear turned to fascination, admiration and respect.  They are far smaller than we, and yet, they yield such power over many humans by instilling fear.  That’s a superpower if you ask me! They can be easily eliminated by simply squashing them, stepping on them, or crushing them with a tissue, and yet, many of us are afraid to do even that and run away when we see one. That is truly a superpower! I’m sure many of you have seen the close-up, or macro, images of spiders.  Most, if not all, of them, look like aliens when seen through such magnification. They are not easy to photograph – alive – as they move randomly.  But, if you are lucky enough to capture one with your macro lens, as I have, you have achieved a very special photograph, indeed.

As much as I’m interested in seeing them up close, I am far more interested in seeing what they do, what they create.  I’ve been photographing spider webs for many years.  They are amazingly intricate and intelligent designs, don’t you agree?  I know humankind has learned much by watching these clever insects create and construct their tiny works of art, which happen to be incredibly strong and can withstand strong winds and rain!  Amazing doesn’t describe it adequately! Some of them look like something we have seen before, perhaps.  They can resemble architectural structures found around the world.  Again, that is no accident.  I have read countless articles about architects being inspired by a spider’s web. Bridges are one of those structures so inspired.  How could they not?

What do you think about spider webs? Do you fear them, or are you intrigued?  Do you stop and observe them? Or can’t you be bothered? They usually and almost always make me stop in my tracks.  Sometimes, they are so impressive to me, that I am inspired to run home and grab my camera.  Luckily for me, this particular spider web was found in my backyard, so I didn’t have to go far to grab my lens. But, I did need to be observant.  This was one quite low to the ground.  I had to lay down to get underneath it. My first thought upon seeing it in my camera was it looked alien. The longer I studied it, the more I thought it looked like something out of a science fiction movie. Or even the inside workings of a computer network, thus my title. What does it look like to you? I’d love to hear your opinion about spider webs!  Please send me a note on this blog…just scroll down and type it in – so easy!  Also, please do subscribe to my blog and never miss a post. I generally post every month or so, depending on when inspiration strikes.  Again, just scroll to the bottom of this window to enter your emails and subscribe.  Thank so much and hope to hear from you!

“Underneath the Dewy Web Network”


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